Behind the Tech Times

High technology caught me from behind. I had no idea it was back there.

The computer was the first technology to lap me.  As a kid, my speed was black and white TV and a few channels.

After many years, the computer let me catch up to the basics. Along the way came the VCR, cell phone, DVD and now the giant HD TV.  The Blackberries, home theaters, multi-purpose cell phones and other high-tech paraphernalia  have advanced with purpose.

Heck, those commercials showing confident use of new-fangled electronics are impressive and convincing; I am behind the times.

Nowadays, for many of us, the computer remains the Grand Poobah of gadgets.  It’s mysterious, and with a computer you could have a love-hate relationship going. The computer has become the TV of a newer generation.  

My grandfather, from the old country, used to refer to a car as “the machine”. He didn’t drive.

For me, the computer is “the machine”. I’m still learning to drive.

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