Red Sox and Renewal

The season winds down for the Red Sox , a recent thought of greatness gone quickly with the injuries — including Youkilis, Pedroia, Ellsbury, Varitek  and assorted pitchers. 

But the 2010 season has brought us four new stars, additional strength for the Sox:  third baseman Andre Beltre, shortstop Marco Scutaro, pitcher Clay Buchholz and relief ace Daniel Bard. Beltre and Scutaro became MVPs of the eight position players.  Victor Martinez and David Ortiz have kept the ship on an even keel.

To date, Boston has played well despite problems – more than 10 games above .500 is a good mark in a tough division. The losses of Pedroia and Youkilis were significant, yet the Sox have played well. 

Injuries gave us a year of new outfielders. We saw them ahead of time, and many young players got valuable Big League experience.

Manager Terry Francona has kept the machine working. He’s stayed in balance and has the team striving. Red Sox minor leagues and GM Theo Epstein have provided the gloves and bats.

Next season, when the regulars return to the field — particularly Pedroia and Youkilis – Boston will challenge. With an assist from the pitching staff, the Red Sox will again reach the World Series.

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