Umpiring and Cameras

When we were kids and had pickup baseball games, we never had umpires — didn’t really need them.

As a life-long baseball fan, the issue of using TV cameras to improve umpiring calls is hard to ignore. I am from the sect that believes in getting the call right.

The NFL has led the way in this department. Coaches are offered three challenges per game. TV cameras provide many views — sometimes it’s a clear view of a missed call.

Making corrections to referee errors is accepted and often appreciated by football and its fans. Cameras enhance the quality of calls; hence, the integrity of the game.

How can a limited-use of TV cameras be bad?  We’ve all seen many poor umpiring calls the past few years.

The technology is available to improve the Major League product. Getting the call right – even through competent video assistance — should be baseball’s overriding concern in this matter.

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