Supreme Court Sidesteps Common Sense

A funeral is the most solemn moment of a person’s existence. As mindful people, we know never to scream “fire” in a crowded theater without justification. A similar ugliness and horror are front and center when a person displays a sign near an American soldier’s funeral, “THANK GOD for DEAD SOLDIERS.”

That crosses the line. The line is common sense. Such heartless conduct near a funeral brings warts to the human race. A morbid congregation that feeds off deceased soldiers like vultures near prey has been misled. God’s anti-gay work does not include hateful and hurtful demonstrations.

Although the Supreme Court supported this freedom of speech, it had to sidestep common sense to do so. Our Founding Fathers would be nauseous from this distorted interpretation of their First Amendment.

–Gerry Garte, 3 Mar 11


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