Desperate Times are a Choice

Created July 28, 2011

This debt limit issue may send the United States and the World into the downturn of a
century. Picture that. We could be within days of choosing between desperate
times and reasonable answers.

As a crusty sergeant once offered: “This mess better get straightened out yesterday”.

If the parties don’t extend the debt limit to avoid default, life in the United States
could become a struggle for most bill-paying Americans — the same folks tired
of inefficient and self-serving politicians.

This is where it gets crazy:

For the sake of our country, I am acting as mediator between all political parties, Houses
of Congress and those who have the other power in Washington.

As mediator, these are recommendations. The continuation of the American lifestyle is at
stake. Danger close.

The enemy, as it turns out, is us. We have breeched: “desperate times call for desperate

Proposal: The 10-year, $4 trillion debt reduction plan is on the table. Revise it, clean it up; be wise, and finish it on time.

Addition: Capture the fair tax of those who have done well and can afford it. All
revenues would be in addition to cuts.

The goal is an honest balance sheet. No tricks. Congressmen and the President have allowed time to become far too important. The peril of the Unites States is at hand.
Congressmen must step up together or fail loudly.

If a momentous, true agreement is reached, most Americans will be happier, and
relieved – and maybe a little relieved that the lawmakers finally earned their
pay, and won’t let it happen again.

The eleventh-hour debt limit crisis was an avoidable problem. But it wasn’t.

Our Founding Fathers are no longer amused. Congress has proven foolishness has no age limit.


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